The company EV-Time offers to supply various types of electric vehicles on special conditions - both new vehicles from manufacturers and used ones (used). In our catalog you can choose and buy an electric vehicle for the needs of state or commercial organizations, and for personal use.


Types of electric transport:

Suitable for personal use or as a corporate car with a capacity of up to 5 people.

Designed to carry a large number of people (from 7 people). It can be used as a city (municipal), commercial or sightseeing bus, transport for delivering people through airports, exhibition complexes, large enterprises.

Cleaning equipment, garbage truck, sweeper truck, truck transporter, park patrol cars, lift, towing tractor - all this special equipment can be electrically operated.

  • Other

Electric car, golf cart, electric bike, electric scooter, electric motorcycle

Now all over the world the topic of electric mobilization is very relevant. Many advanced countries, such as the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, China, are creating and implementing long-term programs for the integrated development of this sector. All this is facilitated by the state support provided by the authorities in the form of the adoption of legislative norms and the implementation of various initiatives at both the federal and regional levels. The largest auto companies are actively expanding their range of electric vehicles.


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